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Painting the town vegan

We finally have a map, and our sleuthing revealed there’s even more vegan niblets to be had than we knew about. It’s got over 100 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes in and around Vancouver, including a few across the strait in Victoria. We’ll keep on adding new discoveries as we find out about them, so check back often for new additions to the map.

You can check it out any time on our maps page.

Get yer spoons ready—we’re a ‘comin!

The debut of The Vegan Spoon is fast approaching, and we’re hoping you’re going to be as excited as we are!

Our original ETA was the end of September,  but recent bouts with flu and cold bugs have left us a wee bit behind in schedule. We’re hoping to break it all out early in October during the awesome force that is VeganMoFo. We’ll give you the scoop on several Vancouver restos and get your taste buds into a drooly frenzy! And, we’ve got a Google Map in the works that’ll show you where to go to get the goods.

‘Till then peeps!

Lotsa luv,

The Vegan Spoonies