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Hillside Quickie (Seattle)

100% vegan

Cuisine: American
Tofu puffs: 3 out of 5
Price range: $$
Time visited: Twice
Location: 4106 Brooklyn Street (@ NE 41st Street)
Hours: Monday, 12 to 5 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 12 to 7 p.m. (brunch served Saturdays from 12 to 4 p.m. only); closed Thursdays and Sundays.
Contact: 206-632-3037

Hillside Quickie - OutsideHillside Quickie is easily the greasiest greasy spoon we’ve ever been to, vegan or not.

Having first visited the Quickie location in the U-District in the fall of 2008, we recently returned for a second chow-down with eager expectations. Our memories of the towering sammiches seemed almost legendary, and the moment we walked in it seemed that not a thing had changed.

For those of you who cringe at less than sparkling prep spaces in restaurant kitchens, we’d advise you not to look to closely at the grill behind the counter at Hillside Quickie ’cause it is greasy, lemme tell ya. (And if you’re bothered by this kind of thing, well, you’re probably not reading this or any other restaurant reviews anyway.) The thing is, there are some places where the all the hoity toity stuff like decor and crisp table linens matter less than the food. When the Spoonies visit a greasy spoon, we don’t expect it to be pristine.

Where the food is concerned, you’d better be plenty hungry when you visit. The servings are as generously sized as they are (sometimes) oily, and even we have been hard-pressed to finish our meals. It may even be a good idea to split a sandwich or a sub with a friend, ’cause not only will your lunch be cheaper but you’ll avoid feeling a bit sick like we have after making our way through just half of a sammie.

Hillside Quickie - InsideThe mac & yease, served as a rather pricey $4.99 side order, is amazing. If you can get past its wee bit of oiliness, that is. We’ve thought long and hard as to how it’s made since it’s one of the best we’ve ever tried. Looking at it, the lumpy sauce doesn’t look at all appetizing. It doesn’t even taste like the typical mac & cheese most vegans are looking to recreate. But as soon as this onion-laden comfort food hits our mouths, the sauce melts into a perfectly creamy, lip-smacking medley of flavours reminiscent of a comfort food-like casserole. There are several other interesting sides we haven’t tried yet, like the Hush Puppies and the Many Types of Fries – apparently there is a fry menu that has somehow escaped our notice during both visits. We can, however, vouch for the delicious and perfectly seasoned potato salad frequently layered in the shop’s sammies, which is also available for purchase in to-go containers.

Although there are burritos, salads, burgers, wraps, and dinner entrĂ©es on the menu, we go to Quickie’s for the sammies. Amongst the offerings we’ve tried are the Freemont Philly Sub, the TLT with Tofustrami, the Seitan Sandwich, and the Flaming BBQ Burger. The sandwiches and burgers cost between $7.99 and $8.99, which, without any added side dishes, makes for a decent and moderately priced meal.

The TLT Tofustrami - Hillside Quickie

The TLT Tofustrami

In a cooler near the entrance, there are tasty-looking pizza slices wrapped up for take-out. And, if you find yourself totally enamoured with the tofu, tempeh, and seitan used in many of the shop’s creations, they’re all available for purchase by the pound to take home with you. On Saturdays only, several tempting brunch dishes are available at the U-District location. Most of the options are savoury, though there is a Waffle Sundae on offer, which seems over the top with its sides of mac & yease and country fried “steak”.

While they have great flavour, our main complaint about the sammies is that the grilled bread slices are often way too oily. On our second visit, the bread quickly fell apart once we tried to pick up the sandwich halves. This is mostly because there is so much stuff piled into the sandwiches, including entire Romaine lettuce leaves folded in half. Our hands, and faces, ended up covered in mayo, crumbs, and oil. Also, the seitan is also pretty oily too, though it has a good texture that isn’t too chewy. And we think the creamy, rich mayo is house-made since it has pretty much no salt or other seasonings in it that we can taste.

If we lived in Seattle, we have to admit that Hillside Quickie is not a place we’d frequent too often. The oiliness of the food makes it far too rich to eat very much of it, though it is a place with food that must be tried. We enjoyed our first visit more than the second, though we might go back when we’re craving really greasy spoon-style food.

The Seitan Sandwich with Mac & Yease - Hillside Quickie

The Seitan Sandwich with Mac & Yease

Hillside Quickie 2008

The Freemont Philly Sub (back) and the Flaming BBQ Burger with mac & yease (front), November 2008 (Stephen Hui)