Tofu puffs

So what the heck are these tofu puffs about, anyway?

On a dark, misty night long ago in a far-flung hamlet (actually, just three years ago in Toronto), a particularly tasty meal (which we can no longer recall) left us with overly stuffed bellies and feeling a little goofy. While we waited until we could move, we began to “rate” our dinner for the fun of it. Originally, we used carrots as the golden standard by which all food was held. But then tofu puffs whispered our names—they just had that lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’, ya know what we mean? From then on, we sussed out the places we visited using tofu puffs. Here’s the breakdown:

0 tofu puffs: Hell to the no! Don’t even think about it.

1 tofu puff: Don’t waste your taste buds.

2 tofu puffs: Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it. It’ll do in a pinch.

3 tofu puffs: It works for us! We’d go here again.

4 tofu puffs: This is the vegan shiznit.

5 tofu puffs: Yes folks, there is a vegan heaven.

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